Climate of Costa Cálida


The Costa Cálida is a little slice of paradise with mild temperatures. Due to the mountainous hinterland, this area is sheltered from the wind, meaning temperatures are pleasant all year round.

It has a Mediterranean subtropical climate with an average annual temperature of 18°C, with warm but mild summers (28-32°C) and mild winters.

The sun shines on average 320 days a year. It is not for nothing that this coastal strip is called the "Costa Cálida” (warm coast). The humidity levels are very low. All of this leads to a perfect combination of sea, subtropical weather, lots of light and clean air.

In addition, the presence of salt lakes and areas of pine forest contribute to the healthy environment. All of these factors taken together have an amazingly beneficial effect on your health. Complaints linked to rheumatism, gout or lung disease may be eased by the climatic influence of this region.

The Costa Cálida offers the best and healthiest climate in Spain, which is confirmed by the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the province of Murcia the cleanest province in Europe due to its clean air.

Best time to travel to the Costa Cálida

The best time to travel to the Costa Cálida are the months of May through October. If it's the winter sun you want, however, then you've also come to the right place. The Costa Cálida (Spanish for warm coast) is located to the south of the Costa Blanca and to the north of the Costa de Almeria in the region of Murcia. The most important city in this region is Cartagena.

​​​​​​​The coastline of the Costa Cálida can be divided into two different areas. The eastern side consists of almost one long stretch of beach. In the south you find mostly rock formations. The Costa Cálida has extensive white sandy beaches interspersed with steep cliffs rising from the sea and sheltered bays. The interior is hilly with wooded valleys.

Costa Cálida high season

The high season runs from July to August.

Costa Cálida rainy season

On the Costa Cálida it rains mainly in the autumn and winter months. That said, a shower or an occasional rainy day can occur at other times, after which the weather will be lovely and sunny once more.